No longer have reservations about buying a used car and changing your registration documents. Let us manage the administrative part and enjoy your new vehicle.

No more bothering with administration and endless procedures.
We take care of obtaining your registration document by completing all the procedures for you!
You receive it a few days later directly at home!



No more endless calls from people wanting to sell off your vehicle… No more wasting time spent putting your ad online and managing it… We take care of everything for you! We put our professionalism at your service and we will allow you to sell your vehicle more quickly through a professional with a guarantee which will reassure potential buyers!

The best part is that it costs you nothing!



More than a simple support, a complete offer for a total serenity!

You are looking for a “premium” service, we meet your expectations:

  • You benefit from our advice, our support in the choice of the vehicle and in the negotiation of the price at the car dealership.
  • We give you the assurance of the validity of the European guarantee.
  • We carry out all the administrative procedures (registration, etc …).
  • Your Véhicle is at your disposal in Lyon.

We can deliver your vehicle directly to your home if you wish. (additional cost)



We do everything for you, it's an all in one offer!

Optimal service for your future “prestige” vehicle without leaving your home:

Advice, support, negotiation.
We specially go to the dealership where the vehicle which interests you is located.
Once there we videocall you  and check the vehicle as if you were there.
Once your agreement is confirmed, we bring you the original order form so that you can sign it.
We then take care of all the commercial and administrative procedures.
We will deliver your new vehicle directly to your home.
We  find the best insurance for your new vehicle, not only in terms of price but especially in terms of contractual warranty.

Purchasing your vehicle is just a formality!