Traveling well is one of life’s great pleasures, whether you’re alone or with family and friends. But what does it mean to travel well? When it comes to gear, it means packing as few bags as possible and bringing only the necessities. Different trips have different needs, which is why we have recommendations for business trips, family vacations, European backpacking trips, and everything in between.


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  • Our Favorite Messenger Bags

    Our Favorite Messenger Bags

    by Jordan Bowman and Haley Sprankle

    We’ve found eight messenger bags to suit everyone from the hard-core cyclist to someone who needs a chic day-to-night accessory.

  • Why I Love My Fanny Packs

    Why I Love My Fanny Packs

    by Judith Newman

    A fanny pack isn’t just an accessory. It’s a state of mind. Author, journalist, and fanny pack aficionado Judith Newman explains why.


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  • The Best Gear for Your Road Trips

    The Best Gear for Your Road Trips

    by Kit Dillon and Wirecutter Staff

    After 120 hours of research, and 1,500 miles behind the wheel, we’ve singled out the gear that’s absolutely essential for your next journey on the open road.

  • The Best Gear for Travel

    The Best Gear for Travel

    by Wirecutter Staff

    We put in another year and tens of thousands more miles of travel to test the best travel gear—and we stand by last year’s choices alongside a few new picks.

  • The Best Toiletry Bags

    The Best Toiletry Bags

    by Kaitlyn Wells

    After stuffing, shaking, and dunking 23 toiletry bags, we chose seven that can serve as your bathroom-in-a-bag in a variety of travel scenarios.


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